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Hotel Monopol Katowice
Hotel’s long history began over 100 years ago. The building was formed in 1903 on the basis of the tenement houses located at the junction of Dworcowa and Dyrekcyjna Streets. Guests were delighted by its luxury, modern furnishings and architectural taste, and the place quickly became one of the most popular hotels in Silesia. Monopol Hotel gained prestige and high esteem, soon proven by the presence of eminent and wealthy guests visiting Katowice. In the early 1920s the Monopol welcomed the young capitain Charles de Gaulle. True splendour was brought to the Hotel with the wedding of the world famous tenor singer Jan Kiepura with the Hungarian-born soprano singer Marta Eggerth in October 1936. Other notable visitors though the years included Karol Szymanowski (one of the superior rooms is named after this great Polish composer), the piano virtuoso Arthur Rubinstein and the writer Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński, among many others. After World War II, the hotel gradually lost its glamour, and was finally closed over twenty years ago, toward the end of 1980s. The new and beautiful Monopol Hotel in Katowice welcomed its guests again in September 2003. Today, almost 120 years after its creation and almost 20 years after its re-opening, it still delights with luxury and style.


Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Monopol Katowice - restauracja monopol
Monopol Restaurant

The elegant Monopol Restaurant, located in the heart of Old Katowice is the perfect place for a business lunch.
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Pięciogwiazdkowy Hotel Monopol Katowice - restauracja cristallo
Ristorante Cristallo

The elegant restaurant is located in the former courtyard, covered with a huge glass roof. It is worth visiting not only because of the culinary qualities. Cristallo offers a wealth of flavors and aromas of Italy.
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Monopol is able to provide the ideal setting for a business seminar, lunch or dinner with an important client , making them unique because of its atmosphere and discreet and efficient service professional staff.



The Wedding Day is one of the most important days of your life. We are absolutely delighted to share this experience with you in terms of planning the slightest detail of this exceptional celebration.


To complete a thorough care, we suggest to delve into yourself and mute, during a series of exceptional massages


Luxurious Wellness of the Hotel Monopol proves in an unusual way how the whole body is composed of the senses and mind


We offer our guests a swimming pool, a dry sauna and a steam bath, as well as a well-equipped gym

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