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Monopol Restaurant

Opening hours
monday - friday: 08.00 - 23.00
saturday - sunday: 08.00 - 22.00

The elegant Monopol Restaurant, located in the heart of Old Katowice is the perfect place for a business lunch. The restaurant decor is kept in an art deco style of the twenties and thirties. The walls are decorated with black-and-white photographs of the former Silesia. This creates a unique atmosphere of a world that no longer exists. Another advantage of the this place is the extensive wine list, which will impress every wine expert.

   Lunch menu
Beef tartare
35 PLN

Beef carpaccio with rocket salad and Grana Padano
35 PLN

Home-made burger with pickles and home-made french fries
40 PLN

Home-made cheesburger with pickles and home-made french fries
43 PLN

Jerusalem artichoke creamy soup with jerusalem artichoke chips and repeseed oil
23 PLN

Pappardelle with rabbit ragout and tarragon
35 PLN

Spaghetti with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach
35 PLN

Gnocchi with sage butter, parma ham and peccorino
35 PLN

Antipasti selection
40 PLN

Selection of Italian ham and cheese
49 PLN
Vegetarian Club sandwich (mozzarella, vegetables, anchois, sauce)
29 PLN

Club sandwich (turkey, herbal mayonnaise, vegetables, avocado)
29 PLN

Baguette (pulled pork, barbecue, cheddar)
29 PLN
Salad with prawns, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayonnaise and chive
45 PLN

Salad with smoked duck redbeets, cucumber, remoulade sauce and ricotta
45 PLN

Vegetable salad with pumpkin, capers, cucumber and marinated tomato
35 PLN
Gâteau opera
25 PLN

Three chocolate mous layer cake
18 PLN

Dessert of the day
18 PLN

Home-made ice cream
15 PLN
  Please inform our Staff about allergies and food intolerances that should be included in the listed menu.

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